Water Tanks & Reservoirs

Water Tanks for every situation

We have a water tank for you whether you want to save rainwater or you need a tank or reservoir for a mine. Just look at what we can do.  

  • Domestic Use
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Mining
  • Industry
  • Fire Fighting
  • Drought Relief
  • Disaster Relief



The sky is the limit

We will get You any tank and deliver anywhere in Africa !

Tank Construction

Assistance for Installing

We provide full instructions on the installation of your new Tank. 

Some tanks or reservoirs maybe slightly more technical than others and we are able to send a qualified team to install, should this be requested. 

Easy to Transport

Most Water Tanks Supplied in DIY Kits

Easy to Transport and Install. 

Most of our Tanks & Reservoirs can be installed by semi skilled labour all that is required is a concrete ring beam. The smaller sizes do not even require ring beams just a level site and a bed of plaster sand. How easy is that? 

Perfect for water storage

Save Money

Save Money on our DIY water tanks. A 100,000 litre tank can be transported in a one ton pick up, constructed and filled in 2 days 


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