Epoxyman Deck Seal

This water-based environment friendly Deck Paint and sealer creates a barrier to the harsh effects

of UV rays and surface protection against moisture, dry-rot, insect and fungus attack.

It is more abrasive and scratch resistant than solvent-based equivalents.

Suitable for all areas exposed to the weather as well as heavier pedestrian traffic,

such as decks, balustrades, stairways, and all outdoor furniture.

Dries exceptionally fast, is environmentally friendly, and can also be coated over

most common wood preservatives. Future maintenance is simple, and can also be

coated over most existing coatings providing no flaking or peeling is evident.

Very low in odour; available in 2 colours, mahogany and zimbali.http://www.line-a-pool.com/deckpaint.html


My Home Design: Keep deck paint your investment Deck
One of the main advantages of fs deck paint is that they keep your deck from rotting and becoming unsafe. A fresh coat of protective substances applied to the surface of the deck every year or at least every two years, will


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